Amber Green sues Nick Kyrgios for allegedly sexually abusing her at Wimbledon

Fan takes legal action against Nick Kyrgios after allegation that she was ‘drunk out of her mind’ at Wimbledon final

Amber Green is suing the 16-year-old, alleging she was’sexually abused by her close friend Nick Kyrgios’ at Wimbledon’s last game of the boys’ final

The American student-athlete claims Kyrgios is a ‘pedophile’ and that he took full advantage of her drunken confusion

But she has now dropped her case against Kyrgios, instead claiming a family friend

She is also suing Nick Kyrgios for allegedly sexing her and his father for more than five years

Green claims Kyrgios, 19, took advantage of her condition after a night of over-indulgence at Wimbledon.

During the final, which she lost to Jack Sock 6-3, 6-4, 5-7, 7-5, Green was on the tennis court when Kyrgios walked past her.

After the match Green tweeted: ‘I was drunk out of my mind and I had a bad day.

‘My friend was on the court and I had no clue he was coming behind me. He was walking straight over, took my hand and went behind me to his chair.

‘He went behind me. It was a weird thing. He was on the court and I didn’t know what was going on. I’ve never been drunk so I’m embarrassed.’

Green, a former Stanford University athlete, dropped her civil suit against Kyrgios earlier this month. Green said he had since contacted her.

Green said: ‘I feel bad for everyone involved but Nick and I had a very close relationship

‘He was a family friend and I was just so embarrassed for him after what he did.

‘From my point of view – that I was humiliated and he was the only person I could trust – I just wasn’t OK with him doing this.’

Green was so humiliated after the alleged abuse, she started to take drugs and ‘went off the rails’.

Green alleges that Kyrgios, who was a member of Team USA’

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