AOC: A New era is beginning in New Orleans after Hurricane Isaac

At 13, She Fled the Nazis. At 95, She Runs a Storied Bohemian Hotel. And In Her 90s, She’s Still Making History.

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NEW ORLEANS – AOC says a new era is beginning in New Orleans after Hurricane Isaac, and she wants to make sure her home city was at the forefront of it.

“Hurricane Isaac is an iconic moment for the city,” AOC told NBC 10 News. “There’s been a lot of discussion on what to do for the city in the immediate aftermath of Isaac — whether or not you need to evacuate, to see what you can do to get those resources back on site.”

AOC is one of the biggest names of the storm — and when Hurricane Isaac made landfall, she and her husband, Kevin “Bubba” Bolden, were at the Hotel du Pont just outside of downtown.

“This is a very historic moment for our culture and for our city, so for me to be here hosting all these national celebrities, and for people to come here to celebrate and share the moments with us — they never forget who has the power to influence and guide our future,” Bolden said.

AOC was with her family when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and she returned many times over the years to rebuild the city, helping to push it forward. She says this year’s storm may bring a different energy than the past.

“The fact that it’s being held up as a turning point, when really it’s just a moment to help us learn a little bit more about ourselves,” AOC said.

She says while this is a moment to reflect on the past, it’s also a moment to remember what New Orleans is going to need in the coming

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