Brampton Police Investigate Man’s Death

Homicide officers take over investigation as man dies a week after being shot in Brampton

Police are investigating the death of a man in Brampton after an incident in which the man was shot and died on Jan. 10.

Police say a 41-year-old man was shot by officers around 3 p.m. in the area of Victoria Street and James Street. He was taken to hospital in a non-life-threatening condition, where he died around 6:30 p.m.

Police say they will now be the lead investigator.

The police report does not say what happened before the shooting, however the statement of claim filed with the court alleges that a man with blood on his face got into a car and drove off with the victim inside, after an argument.

The driver of the vehicle is alleged to have followed the victim in a car to an apartment building at 55 Victoria St., where the passenger followed the victim into a back bathroom and then into the bedroom where the suspect allegedly shot the victim, and then tried to shoot the man inside the apartment. Police say the suspect then fled the scene along with the car.

Family of victim speaks out

Brampton police officer Don Peachey, who arrived at the apartment after receiving a call from the victim’s girlfriend, said as the shooting unfolded, he thought the victim was reaching for something in the car.

“After pulling up [the vehicle] over some rocks and dirt, you could see that that was not correct,” Peachey said. “The first thought was, this man was reaching for something … because of the amount of blood on his hands, obviously he was holding onto something.”

Peachey said the officer saw the victim lying in the back of the police cruiser.

Peachey said he then noticed the door of the apartment opened and the suspect came out and ran down the stairs into an alley between two buildings.

As the suspect is in the alley, Peachey said he heard several gunshots and then the sounds of another officer pursuing him.

The officer said he was trying to follow him, but lost sight of him in the alley.

“He was trying to make a run for it through the alley,” Peachey said. “That’s when it happened.”

Peachey said he then fired his gun at a suspect in the black and

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