Carlos Alcaraz Talks About the US Open

Carlos Alcaraz speaks with CNN after US Open win

Carlos Alcaraz sat down with CNN in New York City to discuss the win at the US Open, his thoughts on the match, and his thoughts on all things tennis.

As you can see, it was a pretty incredible experience for Carlos and his family.

“I thought that the match would be short. I thought that I’d get up, I’d walk away the first thing and I’d feel pretty good about myself.

“But the match just went against me. It went against my head but it just went against my head. I thought that I was going to be OK with it.

“I just couldn’t handle myself in that moment.

And from the start of the match, I felt the crowd was going to be there and they got really into it.

“You could tell that they were rooting for the Spaniard. I’m Puerto Rican. I’ve seen the Puerto Rican people there and I feel that the crowd here is rooting for me.

“I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t control it, it just just went against me.

“There was a lot of emotions. It was so emotional out there. It was just intense.”

When you first start to feel like you have a problem, the first thing you do and you’re going to work on is your return. It just goes back to that.

I mean, I feel like I still didn’t show my best tennis. I mean, that was my problem, but I would like to get back. I mean, I feel like I’m ready to go back.

Carlos Alcaraz

“I just couldn’t stop playing. I just couldn’t stop playing. He made a very, very difficult shot with a lot of spin on it and I couldn’t do it.

“I mean, it was a very difficult situation, a very difficult moment.

“I mean, I always like to think that it’s a sign of a guy who I know is going in the right direction.

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