Ford President and CEO Mark Fields

Ford’s harmful cuts to emissions targets announced on a Friday ….

“The Ford Mustang continues to be the best-selling car in America with a stunning, record-breaking streak of sales,” said Ford Chairman and CEO for North America Mark Fields. “We’re honored to have the opportunity to work with our incredible partners and customers from coast to coast to coast to coast.”

“This is the right approach,” said President Obama. “We want all automakers doing great things like the kind of work President Obama and Vice President Biden are talking about today.”

“We’ve got a lot to be proud of,” continued the President, “but the point is that Americans now know that we can grow their economy in a safe way and have an engine that works with the clean technologies we all believe in.”

“In addition to our commitment to reducing our dependence on foreign oil and being part of the solution to climate change, our government will also support American manufacturing by investing in innovation, advanced technology and infrastructure,” said Vice President Biden.

“At Ford, our business is built on quality products and strong relationships with customers,” said Ford Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service, Michael Levine. “Our vehicles have been our partners in building a better future and we’re proud to be part of this economic renaissance.”

“President Obama called on us to look ahead to how we can better serve our customers in the months ahead,” said Ford President and Chief Operating Officer, Mark Fields. “This week we took concrete steps to do just that.”

“We’ll continue to focus on what makes our customers and the American people proud,” said Ford President and CEO for North America, Mark Fields. “We’re going to work hard to demonstrate that our company – and your jobs – will continue to be here for the long run as our industry leads the world toward a cleaner energy future and a robust economic recovery.”

“President Obama has called for us to take action on climate and energy – he’s the president of the United States and we have a responsibility to lead,” said Ford President of the Americas, Mark Fields. “This week, we started taking action with a new leadership plan focused on the future, and

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