Greg Gutfeld’s new book, “The Late Great USA,” is about the challenges of the new American president

GREG GUTFELD: Focus on small talk, not woke talk — a strategy to help him win

Woke, activist and author Greg Gutfeld has long been a favorite on the right. He’s always had a knack for bringing comedy to political issues, most notably in his “Talking Points Memo” column.

Gutfeld recently released his new book “The Late Great USA,” which is essentially an insider’s guide to the U.S. government.

GUTFIELD: One of the things we want in our leadership is a sense of humor. I don’t mean that in a humorless way. I think we miss the humor that is our own. I’m a guy who was raised to be serious. In fact, my first day of kindergarten I had a teacher who gave a pep talk about the importance of being a “good boy.” I was so embarrassed by it. She said, “I know,” and she said, “But we have to make sure you’re having fun when you’re here.”

And that’s not funny. It’s very, very serious. And no one wants to work like that.

GUTFELD: We can’t fix it as human beings to laugh about the horrible things people did to people in the past. The world needs laughter to heal its wounds. Laughter is good medicine. It gets the blood flowing. That’s what I’m trying to do with this book, and the comedy is the medicine.

GUTFELD: The book came out in June. It’s the first installment of a series. The second one is out in January 2016. A third is out in January 2017.

We’re talking today about the second chapter of the book, which is about the new American president and the challenges he’s facing, specifically with a foreign policy agenda that he calls “America First.”

GUTFELD: It’s a foreign policy agenda that he calls “America First.” That’s an agenda of retreat. It’s an agenda that is based on having the military, first and foremost, dominate the world

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