Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Reacts to Iowa Caucuses

‘People are just hitting their heads against the wall’: Democrats fret another Johnson win could be the high point of Trump’s presidency

Democratic staffers were working feverishly on their response to the shocking results of the Iowa caucuses, when a new text message popped up from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

As the New York Times reported on Tuesday, the Clinton campaign had been expecting a strong showing in Iowa by Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, but now they had to scramble to adjust their strategy. What followed were months of back and forth between the Clinton camp and the Clinton family, a frantic scramble to adjust to the results of a caucus whose first question was whether a female candidate was fit to run the country. The Clinton campaign initially tried to keep a low profile but ultimately had to accept that Hillary Clinton wasn’t a strong enough candidate to beat Donald Trump.

“As the day progressed, we saw the stakes were really high,” said one high-flier who was involved in the process.

Clinton’s new campaign manager, Robby Mook, was caught in the middle of the controversy. He told reporters that he was “absolutely appalled by what we saw in Iowa.” He said he expected a good showing in New Hampshire and hoped that they would build on what they had achieved in Iowa.

Still, it was just one day after Iowa, and Clinton’s chances were already looking bleak.

“She’s lost so many states, so now at her age, she’s got to fight harder,” Democratic strategist David Axelrod told New York Post reporters. ”Hillary is not done, and the clock is ticking on her.”

Axelrod’s comments were echoed in the liberal blogosphere, with Clinton fans who had been predicting that she was bound the win losing money, losing sleep and losing hope.

“I am absolutely furious with her now — and her loss in Iowa was the final straw for me,” wrote Andrew Sullivan. “Not that I was not hoping for a miracle; but I think I’ve had enough; I mean, for Hillary, for Hillary to lose and to lose badly

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