How to Get to Know Someone Who’s Invited to Their Home

Why Don’t Guests Respect Our ‘Adults Only’ Invitations?

If you don’t receive an invitation to their home, a place where adults gather, invite them to your home and make a huge commitment to them, you’re a pretty lousy person, right? If you get a lot of emails from people who are asking you to “just take their invitation,” that’s kind of a red flag.

How are you supposed to know if you’re going to spend enough time with them or get to know them in real life, or if you’re really just going to waste their time by going through their email list? How are you supposed to have an adult and meaningful conversation with someone when you’re forced to do those things? What if you just end up sitting for twenty minutes in a room, watching a movie or doing nothing, and they seem to have no idea who you are and what you do?

Why Not?

Because they’re paying for you.

People who invite adults to their home in a very exclusive way are the ones who are paying for you.

Yes, it sucks that we’re not getting invited to people’s homes. But, we can’t get to know them properly if we can’t meet them. We can’t spend time in their lives and get to know them unless we spend time at their house. Not to mention, an invitation to a place where adults gather is a way of saying, “Thanks for putting on a dinner party.” It’s a way to say, “Look at all the great stuff you have to offer! You’re too nice to ask me here, right?”

We’re not asking for this to be a two-way street. Nobody wants it to be like

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