Jair Bolsonaro: The most important things we know about Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro Fast Facts

The following short list of the most important things we know about Jair Bolsonaro (a.k.a. The Brazilian Donald Trump), is a brief look into the first month of his presidency. For more information, check out the full report.

Bolsonaro wants to “couple” gun control and immigration:

He’s the only candidate to explicitly call for “coupling” the two issues. It’s a radical proposal that would be nearly impossible to implement. Instead he’s proposing something like the “immigration tax” that would effectively create a tax on immigration into the countries where immigrants are most likely to try to enter. In his book The Bolsonarismo Survival Guide, he proposes to charge a $5-10 per person, per year, that immigrants pay in order to enter Brazil. He also says that immigrants could be used as a bargaining chip to get other benefits like health insurance. “I want to have the immigration tax, but I want to have the other thing too,” Bolsonaro said on January 7th, in an interview with the O Globo newspaper in Brazil. “I’m not talking about the immigration tax, I’m talking about what happens when the immigration tax is paid. When the immigrants come, we put the tax on them, right?” – The Intercept article posted here.

He’s pro-gun rights, but wants to “disarm” black people:

Bolsonaro’s pro-gun control platform has always included the idea of a “right to gun ownership without firearms.” He’s said he would support the idea of a universal right to keep and bear arms “but it would have to be based on the right to self-defense and not just a right to carry a weapon somewhere.” He has said it would be up to each state to decide what sort of gun ownership rights they actually support. “There is great support in Brazil for gun ownership but very little support for gun control,” he said last year. “We need to work with the state and also with the people. And we will

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