Kanye West: ‘We could have done better’

George Floyd’s family sues Kanye West for $250M after rapper disputes cause of death by law enforcement

Show Caption Hide Caption Kanye West: ‘We could have done better’ Kanye West and his team were “disappointed” at the results of the grand jury investigation, but not surprised.

Gloria Taylor, the family lawyer, told USA TODAY that Floyd’s death might not have been a homicide at all if West hadn’t used his platform to call the police.

She said Floyd made mistakes, like “being an entitled person, a lot of people do, they are arrogant,” but he was also the victim of a culture of media that “creates false impressions about black men and women.”

“In this case, he was portrayed as a criminal,” Taylor said. “We’re talking about a very high-profile person here, it’s not fair.”

In his last Twitter post before his death at age 50, West wrote: “Not a racist for pointing out racism in the streets. I hate racism! This is racism! I won’t be the race to walk away from this. Black people will always walk.”

The rapper, whose real name is Kanye West, issued an apology in a video statement that came out minutes before Floyd was killed.

West told reporters before a concert Friday night in Huntsville, Alabama, that he was “upset” over his video response. He said he was “disappointed in the grand jury” and said he was “angry, disappointed and hurt.”

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West has faced criticism for his social commentary, including his use of the N-word. He has said he wasn’t sorry for the word and has denounced the perception that he is, even though he is not a racist.

Floyd’s mom, Shelly Jones, told USA TODAY that West’s statement wasn’t a sufficient apology.

“I hope and pray that the truth comes out in this process,” she said.

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