London’s Week in Forecast

Besides Frieze, Here Are Other Things in London to See in This Week’s London Forecast

Welcome to London’s week in Forecast. Here are some of the things you can see and do in London this week.

Get in touch with your inner artist

“It always happens in London,” said British actor Stephen Fry in his book How to Do Things With Strings. “You go to London and you go to the museum and you ask, ‘Why are things here?’ and you meet someone who has looked at the whole show.”

This week, you can meet some artists in London. And the answer may surprise you.

The London Science Museum will be showing The Royal Academy of Music in London’s Southbank in three different parts of the museum starting on Wednesday. The Royal Academy of Music was founded in 1768 as a charity for the education of the young. Their aim is to encourage creative people to give their best work to the world.

The Royal Academy of Music is holding a music and dance workshop for children at their gallery. This one-day workshop will meet on Wednesday from 10am – 5pm and it includes free entry for the children.

It’s not the first time an orchestra has been involved with the Royal Academy. In 2010, they had a concert where they played and worked with an orchestra from the London Sinfonietta. The Sinfonietta is an orchestra that plays the classical music of the past, as well as contemporary works. The Royal Academy of Music is holding a special event that will mark this occasion on Wednesday.

This was not the most ambitious London gallery to hold an event. The Tate featured the work of street artist Banksy in a solo exhibition last year. He was accompanied by a street performer called Jigsaw, an actor called Paul Whitehouse (who plays an insurance salesman on TV) and local musicians known as Blue Rodeo.

“It was a fantastic show,” said Tate curator Tamsin O’Sullivan. “The show was very well received and the public responded very positively. Banksy is one of the most visible artists around right now in Britain. It’s certainly one of the most high-profile.�

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