Megan THE Stallion hosts Weekend Update

Megan Thee Stallion brings hot girl humor to ‘SNL’: See the best sketches of the season!

Megan THE Stallion gets the first regular hosting gig at Saturday Night Live

For the first time in the show’s history, a woman will host Weekend Update. She’ll be the fourth woman ever to do so, after Rachel Dratch and Maria Bamford, who were among the earliest hosts.

Megan is a hot girl, with a unique sense of humor. Her best sketch is “Bombshells and Bipartisan Poses,” where she plays the role of a woman who has an affair with a prominent politician while the country is gripped by the “nuclear” situation in Iran. The sketch ends with Megan leaving work early, wearing her red dress and an earring that says, “I’m just so sick of hearing this stuff.”

Here are three of her best, from the past 30 days:

First, Megan brings up a “typical Saturday Night Live sketch” that was done by the new host, Alec Baldwin: In one of the first sketches “for the new SNL cast,” he dressed up as a police officer and played a bit with their police radio, as he told the police to go to a house party. And, yes, he was wearing a gun and handcuffs.

Second, Megan takes a play on a famous phrase used to describe a woman by the rapper Big Pun, who used the phrase to describe his love for a girl named Megan. Megan uses this in an SNL bit: “I think it’s very cool of you to call me a woman, but I’m going to call you a penis.”

Third, she’s back at it after a hiatus of four months to do a sketch with Maya Rudolph, entitled “Stick to Your Guns.” Maya plays the character of a man who is accused of raping a woman and is caught. He’s been sent to

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