Olivia Wilde: I’m not interested in making money, but she’ll see what the fuss about.

Grey Poupon wants in on Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing scandal

The Daily Mail is reporting that a “star” chef in London has approached Olivia Wilde with an offer that could be worth many thousands of pounds.

Green Poupon, owner of a Michelin one star restaurant, has offered to sell Wilde the rights to make her famous salad dressing recipe under a licence agreement.

Wilde refused the offer, but now, it seems she is not the only one who got cold feet about the offer.

A source said: “Olivia has told her agents she’s not interested, but she’ll see what the fuss is about.”

I like how the Daily Mail says this “star” chef has approached Olivia Wilde. In fact, I’d bet a dollar she’s approached a lot of chefs.

In fact, I’m sure that the “star” chef that the Daily Mail is talking about has approached dozens of chefs.

I bet it’s just a coincidence that the Daily Mail is talking about a chef with a Michelin rating and he approached Olivia Wilde about her salad dressing.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people would feel the same way.

That’s not to say that a chef has the right to ask if someone’s willing to pay them millions, but that if someone asked him to pay you, he has the right to ask you what your plans are first.

It seems fairly obvious to me that the “star” chef would have asked Olivia Wilde about her plans for $millions.

Olivia Wilde: I’m not interested in making money or any material thing. I want to make beautiful food. I want to make a living. For me money is not important.

The only reason she gave the interview was because she knows her book is getting good buzz and the food industry would really like to have her on their payroll. I’m pretty sure she knows that if the public were to see the photos, it would make her famous.


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