Paul Flores, the Father of Kristin Smart, is convicted of murder and kidnapping

Split verdict in Kristin Smart murder: Why Paul Flores was found guilty but not his dad.

Paul Flores was convicted of the murder of his daughter Kristin Smart in 2011. He had told authorities that Kristin was lying about her attacker, a young man who lived nearby. Yet he was found guilty and has spent the past four years incarcerated.

Kristin Smart was 17. She disappeared on June 6, 2010, from her family home at 1015 South St. in El Monte. Her family claimed they were convinced she was abducted by a man named John Doe.

Kristin Smart disappeared the day after her father took her out to a lake behind their home. She returned to the lake the next day and was last seen alive the morning of June 7, 2010. Her family believed she was with John Doe.

Police had tracked Doe in an effort to find her. In September 2010 they apprehended him and he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, abduction, false imprisonment and resisting an officer. He was tried in 2011 and found guilty of all charges.

In May 2011, Kristin’s father was arrested and charged with child endangerment and false imprisonment. He was convicted on both charges.

In the months following Kristin’s disappearance, Flores was the only person suspected of involvement in her kidnapping. He was charged with murder and kidnapping and was later found guilty of both charges.

On July 16, 2011, a jury of 12 selected by the San Bernardino County Superior Court convicted Flores of first degree murder and kidnapping, with a special allegation of torture by imprisonment.

This week, Kristin’s mother and her sisters, Jennifer and Gina, testified against their father. They accused him of lying to police, withholding evidence and trying to get them to recant their statements to authorities following his arrest in 2011.

Kristin’s sisters said they believed family member John Doe was the one responsible for her disappearance.


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