Perry, who has a long-term girlfriend, said he is not looking for a partner in life

Matthew Perry opens up about why he never found love and why he will only date wealthy women.

In an online chat with the Sunday Times, the 27-year-old Australian actor said he did not have a partner and was not looking for one of the “millions” he describes in his new BBC series, Generation Skittles.

“I’m not looking for it, obviously,” he told the Times. “It’s not something I wish for. I wouldn’t have it.

“I just want someone who I can talk to about how I feel and who I can share a life with. You have to be OK with accepting where you are at the moment.

“I just want to be your partner in life. I don’t want to be your secretary, your accountant, your landlord, your personal trainer.”

Perry, who has made a name for himself in Hollywood films like the romantic comedy About Time, admitted that he had never been married or had a long-term girlfriend.

He explained that while he had not been to the “love clinic” which is recommended by the National Youth Agency, he has heard of one man who had been married 23 years and had a young child, but that it was not for him.

“I have never been where they went,” he said. “I don’t think that’s something I’d be interested in.”

Perry, who is famous for his roles in The Smurfs and the Charlie Chaplin classic City Lights, said he had “zero expectations” as he began the new BBC series.

“In Hollywood, you have so many scripts and they’re either made – or not. If they’re made, they’re made and done with. I’ve done a couple of them – and then they’re gone, and the next thing you know you’re doing one of the other ones.”

Perry, who was chosen as a Generation Skittles finalist, is known for his comedy roles in films including I Love You and Me and the Other Two.

But his profile has soared in recent years as he landed leading roles in films including The Smurfs in 2012, The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 in 2014.

Perry’s latest film,

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