Star-Crossed Love: A Song That Makes You Want to Take Off Your Shoes

When the Music Stopped For the Star-Crossed Love of Music

When the music stopped for the Star-Crossed Love of Music

What’s Going On?

I’ve always thought that Star-Crossed Love was the best thing ever written by a guy. There aren’t many songs that make me want to take off my shoes and hang out on a porch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. But this really touched my heart. It’s a song and a story that you have to hear for yourself.

On the face of it, Star-Crossed Love is quite ordinary, and most of the time, it’s not even a song. It’s a conversation between a guy and a girl, and the conversation has a lot of words. You’ve got a song that tells the story of what happens between a guy and a girl, but the songs and most of the dialogue is non-existent. You’ve got a story like what happens in this song, but most of that is just you.

The song also uses “I think” a lot, but the guy doesn’t say anything. Most of the time, he’s just following the other conversation. It’s a very sweet love song that doesn’t have the typical love in it.

The way it goes is this:

The guy is trying to get the girl to go to bed with him. She won’t, and he thinks the best solution is to take his pants down and his shoe off. But she wants to do it, so the guy gives in.

The guy takes off his shoes, then his pants, then his shirt. The girl is waiting for him at the bedroom door with a blanket over her. The song says, “I didn’t know whether to expect her to wear a nightgown, or a white, starched dress.” (In case that matters, the song is about starched clothes.)


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