The Bachelor: Chris Soules and Lauren Brielle

They came up with plans to prevent suicide and tackle climate change. Then on Day 4 of the reality TV challenge came a final twist, when they were forced to choose between ending their life or leaving the world as it is.

That’s when the “Bachelor” cast started the competition, posting videos of themselves with a camera on their back, while wearing red T-shirts that said “Save the world.”

The winner was announced in a very special episode, where The Bachelor star Chris Soules had to pick between two groups who would have to work together to save the world. A girl from each group had to choose to live through the experience, while a man had to choose to end his life. After the decision was made, Chris and his girlfriend, Lauren Brielle, were forced to go through the challenge, which took a lot of the drama out of the finale and gave the three of them a chance to really spend time together. Here’s the full preview:

Watch the clip above to see the shocking and emotional last day of The Bachelor’s first season. This coming Sunday, Chris will be the host of his own reality-TV show called Big Brother Live, which will air on NBC.

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