The Black Adam Scene from Justice League

What that ‘Black Adam’ end credits scene means for the DC Extended Universe

There are two versions of the Black Adam scene from Justice League. The first one was released in the opening sequence of Justice League. The other scene was released just a few weeks later. Now, we’ve combined both into one amazing video. Here’s the Black Adam opening, followed by the Black Adam ending.

I think I’ve already said what I wanted to say about Black Adam, but it bears repeating: I don’t want to give away any plot points in this video. (Though if you’re the one looking for some of the finer details of his motivations for being in the Justice League, I’d be happy to oblige.) But I want to focus on what this Black Adam scene is doing for the DC Extended Universe as a whole.

The scene itself takes place in the Black Adam’s apartment/studio, where he is making a new film for his fans. There’s a certain amount of fan interaction going on, but it’s mainly just the characters trying to get the film they want out on time. (He’s also making a film about Black Canary, but I’m saving that for episode seven. Wait, episode six? What’s the next one going to be about?)

This “making a film” part is pretty cool, because one of the first things we noticed about the Black Adam was that he was so prolific, creating more of his own films than anyone else – at least in the DC universe. As the film maker, he’s constantly working on the film he’s making, as the director, and as the editor.

(As an aside, it was actually revealed in the “Black Adam” episode of Young Justice that he was actually born a son of an artist – and that he spent his formative years working at an art studio, because as far as we know, there is no Black Adam in the New 52 comics. It’s a really great little detail that actually gives him an extra layer of character development.)

Here’s Batman explaining to young Batman (who is in a bathtub because he’s been doused with paint) how Black Adam made the Black Canary films because they only had time to do one Black Canary film.

The same day that I was recording this video, this was uploaded to our site with an embedded YouTube video:

The Black Adam ending was part of a much longer cut of the Justice League

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