The first woman to climb the world’s highest mountain

Iranian Climber Elnaz Rekabi Is Welcomed by Crowds in Tehran

Elnaz Rekabi, a 42-year-old Tehran-based climber, who has climbed the world’s highest peaks including Mount Everest before, was greeted on the first day of the Iranian festival of climbing. She and eight other climbers climbed to the top of the world’s fourth tallest mountain, Grom.

Rekabi, who holds Iranian Red Crescent Society’s First Woman Climbing Champion Award, climbed with an Iranian friend, and two Chinese climbers reached the summit.

“This time, we climbed the world’s highest mountain. I hope to be an example for more climbers and for my friend who wanted to climb to the world’s highest mountain. The world’s number one is in my hands,” Rekabi said after crossing a mountain of 10,000 meters.

Rekabi was the first woman to reach the peak of the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest in 2005.

It is the first time in Iranian history that the ascent of the world’s highest mountain has been organized and promoted by the Iranian Red Crescent Society, it said.

The Iranian Red Crescent Society is a humanitarian organization with a registered branch in Iran since 1950.

The society conducts several campaigns to prevent, protect and remedy the needs of people and has helped people in need of assistance during natural disasters, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Under the slogan “Helping the needy ones”, the Society has also assisted poor people and widows after earthquakes in the past.

It has sent medical teams to areas affected by natural disasters and provided assistance to victims and survivors in the past.

“This expedition was organized by the Iranian Red Crescent Society and our aim is to raise awareness among people and inspire them to participate in these humanitarian

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