The Prostitute: How Hathaway is a Superfan

James Corden is out, Anne Hathaway is in. But the biggest hypocrite is us, the British public. And it’s not because the Queen is on holiday – she’s not. It’s because we, the viewers, have a choice.

If you didn’t know – if you thought that America’s greatest actor was merely a voice-over man of cinema – well, you haven’t been paying much attention. Just ask the millions who’ve watched Hathaway in his TV roles opposite a range of Hollywood heavyweights, including Tom Cruise, James Cameron, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Redford and others.

Hathaway’s not even supposed to be a great actress. In fact, she’s one of the best. But that is because she’s good enough to get the roles she wants. She’s just been unlucky to be typecast, so that we, the paying customers, don’t realise she’s not one of our own.

Hathaway: I never feel like a star because I don’t always get good parts. My first job was playing a prostitute on TV. I was very shy. I was 19, and I had been on the train. They were like, ‘Where’s the woman who played a prostitute?’ I was like, ‘I’m not a prostitute. I’m a comedian!’ And I got the part, and I didn’t even know what a prostitute looked like. I thought it was a character. I thought it was this character. I was a complete fraud. I went on the set and they were all like, ‘Don’t worry. You don’t really have to take your clothes off.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you.’

But that part took me from a little old lady to a super-fan.

It was such a good experience, and we all did such good work, but that part was just so funny because it was a little old lady who was trying to be a prostitute. And that is a much more honest part. I had to prove to them that I wasn’t a piece of meat.

Hathaway now says that she would prefer to be a great actress and then have a string of successful gigs if it meant she could avoid being pigeonholed by typecasting.

I was quite miserable about what happened with the American casting directors. I found a new agent, who is an English woman. She said she would put me in the first category, but

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