Trevor Noah’s comments on leaving “The Daily Show” were not intended to be funny

Trevor Noah plans to do ‘everything’ (and stand-up, of course) after ‘The Daily Show’ leaves the air


Trevor Noah has made his feelings clear about leaving the “Daily Show” after 21 years: “I would do one show and nothing else.”

Noah also plans to take an intense learning and storytelling process in post-show media, and “do everything.”

His comments, issued in an email Thursday, were not entirely meant to be funny — but, as Noah says, they did evoke an amused giggle from someone in the audience.

Noah, 38, had been doing standup since joining “The Daily Show” in its 8:30 p.m. slot in 2003. But he’s been increasingly drawn to comedy features in recent years, and that’s led him to his first feature film, “My Dinner with Trevor,” which was released last week with a modest box-office opening.

In his email to colleagues, Noah suggested he would not pursue an “even greater return to the ‘Daily Show’” but would instead “go back and forth doing one thing at a time, while never making another hour of ‘The Daily Show,’ and doing the things I love doing in TV.

“And, yes, I’m still doing standup,” he continued.

Noah also discussed his plans to take on a range of different projects, including “new projects and projects I’m working on as we speak.”

“At the moment, I’m taking a short break from standup, and I’m writing a feature film and then I’ll do all of that … and I’ll talk about stuff I’m talking about on ‘The Daily Show.’

“I’m going to ‘The Daily Show’ to do an hour of comedy and then the next thing I’m gonna do will be ‘The Daily Show’ for an hour and then I’m going to do a lot of standup.”

In June 2015

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