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David Wilcock’s New Book: The Truth Behind the TV Show’s Mistakes

David Wilcock’s New Book: The Truth Behind the TV Show’s Mistakes

He sold top business minds on a TV show that promised to save the world – and make them famous. They handed over thousands. Then reality set in.

The TV show turned out to be a fraud, an elaborate hoax that turned out to be worse than a hoax. The fraudsters, who became the show’s most reviled stars, had already ruined lives, both personal and professional, and millions of dollars. They went from making millions in profit, to penniless, to broke, to living in jail.

For over two years, David Wilcock and his associates, who would go on to become the show’s only two regular cast members, lived hand to mouth, broke, and broke again. In the final year, they were out of money and desperate.

In 2012, they became the latest victims in what would become a series of high profile frauds involving television and business legends, among them, John Grisham, George Clooney, and the show’s creator, David Wilcock.

In this fascinating new book, Wilcock shares with us the true story behind his life, the people he met, the shows he created, the television shows he turned into reality, and the people who ruined everything for him. Wilcock spent years in a Mexican jail, then a Mexican prison, then ended up in Mexico again for drug trafficking, while trying to start over.

Wilcock has no explanation for the disaster that resulted in him becoming the most reviled star in Hollywood. It’s more than a pity story. He tells it in his book. He explains clearly how fame did not save his life, but left him broke and broke again. For all of his life, he has been living with the painful truth that he had become what he hated, by pursuing his dreams and following the advice of a group of would be billionaires who had become his mentors.

The book is a real eye opener on how some of the top stars in business and politics can do more harm than good. We’ve been told too often that we can make it without them. In reality, if you are not well connected and have been lucky enough to

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