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Helping Police Find Your Slave Car

Helping Police Find Your Slave Car

An ‘Army’ of Volunteer Sleuths Are Out Hunting for Your Stolen Car

A new wave of ‘sleuths’ are out looking for your stolen car – and are making serious headway. There’s an army of volunteers out looking for your stolen car, and if they find it in the right place, they’ll get you the cash you need to take care of a problem.

Police and insurance companies have been able to use a system known as a red-flag warning to help find stolen cars.

That means if you spot a car matching your description on the road, you’re flagged down and asked to pull out to help the police in their search.

And then there are the volunteers out there who are just looking for your stolen car. Some of them are professional, paid sleuths, but there are also people with no insurance and no licensing who are just working for cash and are risking their lives and being chased for their car.

There are a number of benefits to helping a police officer locate a vehicle that has been stolen.

In the first place, the police often have someone in their immediate area that they are looking to detain. When you’re willing and able to help the police, you’re in much better shape to help find a missing person or a runaway.

Secondly, by helping to locate the stolen car, the police can use the cash you offer to pay for gas, to make the ticket payment to the thief, or to buy new tires and other spare parts that will make it less likely that you’ll be able to find them.

Thirdly, by pointing you towards the police, you are often able to get your car back. In some cases, police have been able to track down cars they have been able to get their hands on by helping people find their stolen cars.

What’s a red-flag warning?

Your car may have appeared to be stolen to you. You may have made inquiries about it, and then it suddenly disappeared, or

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