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The Chrisley Trial: A Story of the #MeToo Movement

The Chrisley Trial: A Story of the #MeToo Movement

Todd and Julie Chrisley plan to appeal convictions and prison sentences, attorney says

By Julie Christopher

“The biggest reason I want to get all the charges to a jury is so that the evidence can be presented. I want to be able to cross examine these people. I’ve never seen any of them before. I’ve never met any of them. I want to be able to do that.”

The two-part series, The Chrisley Trial: A Story of the #MeToo Movement, will be broadcast on HBO on Monday, February 12, at 9 pm Eastern, a time and date to be announced. For those interested in making HBO’s programming available to those without pay-TV, HBO GO is offering a free trial. Visit the HBO GO website for more information or watch the trailer and sample intro below.

The Chrisley Trial: A Story of the #MeToo Movement

When the world’s most famous beauty pageant contestants say they are victims of sexual abuse, they usually mean that they didn’t press charges. But when a prominent Southern California prosecutor calls former producer Terry Moore a rapist and convicted felon in a televised trial, he’s referring to something else entirely.

As the drama unfolds on HBO, Moore’s conviction is one of the more significant and shocking court decisions in recent memory – if it weren’t for the fact that Moore’s ex-wife isn’t willing to testify at his trial and that his attorney says that he’s not guilty of anything.

Moore, 47, was a star on the reality television circuit until a decade ago, when he was convicted of multiple felonies in two separate trials. Now, in a trial that has turned into one of the most anticipated series on HBO, he faces up to life in prison, which he could end up serving in solitary confinement.

Moore is the CEO of the popular web series The Real Housewives of Orange County. He has produced multiple seasons of the show and is also the main producer on VH1’s The Real Housewives of Orange County: A Catered Affair. During his years on the show, Moore has produced many other reality series and programs, including the reality

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