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The man who rescued a dog from a car trunk became a sensation on the Internet

The man who rescued a dog from a car trunk became a sensation on the Internet

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation

A man who rescued a dog chained up in a car trunk has become a sensation on the Internet.

Cristina Garcia, 23, from the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, was visiting with her husband in their house when the pet was spotted in the trunk of her car.

Garcia says she immediately thought about the dog’s welfare and the man’s kindness, but also about the situation of the car. It was filled with trash, and there were holes all around the trunk, which could have been used as a makeshift cell.

Garcia says that when she left her car, she heard footsteps and opened the trunk door to see her car had been stolen. It was one of those cars that look like a tank only with tinted windows, so her car was easy to recognize.

Garcia says she called the man she had rescued and was told that her car had been located. She says she was surprised at the police’s response to the call and decided to continue to visit the city, in case she could get a dog from the car.

She says after some time passed she found it was not a stolen car after all.

Garcia says she’s not going to give the credit to the man or his house, but to the police officer she talked to who came to the rescue. She says the officer told her that her car had just been parked outside of a house where people knew her.

The story has been picked up by international media outlets, and Garcia says she is thrilled.

“I want to thank God for that. I also want to thank my friends, for getting me to go to this place and then thank my friends even more, because they said that they would help me get rid of the dog.”

Garcia says she is in debt to the officer, but says she is also in debt to her friends for lending a hand and letting her meet the dog and become something in the Internet.

“If I didn’t have one friend, one person in my life who had an open heart, then I wouldn’t have gotten this dog. So, I have lost two people, but gained one dog.”

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