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The Weather Service’s Heat Index Will Top 100 Degrees By Wednesday

The Weather Service’s Heat Index Will Top 100 Degrees By Wednesday

Welcome to another heat wave. Triple-digit temperatures on tap for Southern California, and the worst is still to come. In fact, it seems to be going up.

The weather service says this week’s temperatures were the second-warmest of the season, and it was also the second-warmest day of the year. The week’s highs were 78, 74 and 71, respectively, which is a big jump from the typical high of 57 degrees. It was one of the warmest Septembers on record, and was the second-warmest in two decades. You know, so cool.

Meanwhile, the mercury is going to be so high through next week it will feel like it is spring. The weather service’s heat index will top 100 degrees by Wednesday afternoon. It will feel like 103 degrees, and it will only get worse from there. In fact, it will feel like the early part of next week will be the hottest time of the year so far.

When you go to a movie or see a game, the temperature doesn’t matter. But it does matter to the elderly and to those with pre-existing health conditions. Here is a list of the top 10 cities in the country where the heat is the biggest factor in their lives.

1) Phoenix, Arizona

Temperatures have been climbing steadily in Phoenix. Last week, we saw a triple-digit high of 107 degrees. But this week is still going to be hot.

The temperature at 10 p.m. last night was 104 degrees.

Last month, the temperature peaked at 110 degrees.

2) Orlando, Florida

This week, there is a record high of 98 degrees at 7 a.m. at Disney World. The hottest temperature for a day when the temperature was in the top 10, which is in the upper 80s on both days, was 103 on a recent Saturday.

On a recent Sunday in October, the hottest temperature ever recorded at Orange County International Airport was 106 degrees.

3) Detroit, Michigan

This week, the mercury will be a scorching 105 degrees with the wind chill at 25 below zero. The temperature in Detroit usually only hits the high 70s and dips down

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