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Kabul, June 18 with zero emissions.

Kabul, June 18 with zero emissions.

China debuts 620 kph train prototype with zero emissions

Kabul, June 18 (ANI): Transport company of Afghanistan has unveiled a train that can travel at a maximum of 620 km/h (38mph) with zero emissions.

The train can travel through six provinces, which are Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, and will open new markets for Afghanistan as well as other countries around the Asia-Pacific.

The train is designed to run on electric power, which will give its passengers a longer travel time by reducing CO2 emissions to 70% of standard engines.

The train has a maximum speed capacity of 100 kph and can travel at 620 kph with a single driver in an emergency situation. The train has the ability to accelerate to up to 200 kph by using compressed natural gas.

The train is powered by batteries which can be charged by electricity from local grids. (ANI)

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