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The Social Platforms That Allow Politicians to Communicate With Their Supporters

The Social Platforms That Allow Politicians to Communicate With Their Supporters

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By Tom Bower

13 April 2019

Former Vice President of the US, Gore, Al Gore, has admitted that he is not a fan of social platforms. “I am not a big fan of Twitter”, he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in a recent interview.

But now, it would seem that it is exactly these very platforms that allow politicians such as Bill de Blasio and Donald Trump to communicate with his supporters in the most direct and, in the words of Gore, insulting way. Bill de Blasio is an example.

For eight years, de Blasio has been the poster child for the liberal left. In his eight years as mayor of New York City, de Blasio has presided over many of the uglier and more oppressive aspects of the new urban left.

He has slashed education budgets in order to fund a “poverty wage” for working and low income people. He has slashed funding for schools. He has implemented new regulations in an effort to “protect” low income people and children, while making it more challenging for them to qualify for public assistance. He has tried to implement programs to increase the tax burden on the most affluent New Yorkers while at the same time cutting taxes for those who are poor.

He has put in place the most draconian anti-terror legislation in decades. He has pushed for more surveillance and control over people’s lives. These measures include a plan to remove “unconscious sleepers” from public parks in order to track them every few minutes. He has cut back on public transportation.

“What I hate the most about New York City is the way the politicians are treating the poor. They’re treating them like scum, and they’re making life harder for them, especially the elderly, the poor, people with disabilities,” said Gore.

But that’s not all. De Blasio has made a

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