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Hurricane G Died at 52

Hurricane G Died at 52

Rapper Hurricane G dies at 52 after battle with lung cancer

By Michael Arceneaux

9 March 2020

Hurricane G, a musician and actor best known for his role as DJ D-Loc on R&B group Soulja Boy’s “Southern Air,” died in hospital on Wednesday (2/2) after battling lung cancer at the ripe old age of 52.

“You are the voice of many people… your voice will resonate forever in so many hearts everywhere,” Soulja Boy posted on Twitter. “You will always carry us and we will always carry you.”

The rapper was originally born as Jermaine Jones, but shortly after his second birthday, his parents divorced, and his mother had him renamed Hurricane G after the hurricane that ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005.

He had a penchant for musical talent from a young age, even attempting to rap at age three, according to his biography on Souljah Boy’s official Twitter account.

“My mom said I wanted to rap, but I just wanted to rap really fast,” Hurricane G recalled in a 2011 interview with BET, explaining why he picked the nickname, and the one that has stuck to him throughout his life. “Just a little fast like me.”

“It was when I was still in the first grade, I was singing, but I wasn’t a singer,” he added. “I was singing for the fun of it; I was singing what my teachers called ‘raking on’ (raping).”

Hurricane G entered the entertainment industry in 1978, having been discovered by one of the first radio stations in Detroit. He eventually moved to New York City, where he worked as a DJ and opened his own rap recording studio. His first hit, “It’s All About Me,” was

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