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Joe Biden defends his remarks about his granddaughter’s wedding

Joe Biden defends his remarks about his granddaughter's wedding

Biden bans media from covering granddaughter’s White House wedding

Tucked in between a conversation about the presidential race and an in-depth conversation about whether the media was biased against John Kerry, former Vice President Joe Biden let loose, during an interview in Iowa Thursday.

(Published Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2019)

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday said his granddaughter’s White House wedding would be “as inappropriate” as President Donald Trump’s comments about her mother, days after the former vice president criticized the media in an interview with CNN.

“The First Amendment gives us a right as Americans. It gives us the right to be able to cover certain things — some of them very inappropriate for a granddaughter’s wedding to be able to be a guest speaker at a granddaughter’s wedding,” Biden said. “The First Amendment gives us a right as Americans to cover that. It doesn’t, however, give us the right to tell our grandchildren, to speak to our grandchildren, how they should behave.”

Biden spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper in Des Moines, Iowa about his granddaughter, Hallie Biden, who is due to marry Jason Roberts on Sunday.

Biden defended his remarks, saying he is “not sure that this is the appropriate time” to have such a conversation with a granddaughter he has known “for 30 years.”

“I do think that it’s inappropriate for this to come, for me to have to decide this is the best time to have that conversation with her about how she should behave and the wedding to be a part of it, when in fact the First Amendment allows us as Americans to have that discussion with our grandchildren.”

He noted his comments on the subject in a March 2015 blog post on The New York Times’ website and said he had spoken with Roberts.

“I’m sure that we will discuss this with [Jason] Roberts, but in the broader context of the First Amendment, I don’t think that is the

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