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The report is not over until the election’s over

The report is not over until the election's over

Schiff says January 6 committee will decide what goes in the final report ‘in a collaborative manner’


Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she is very confident the Government is working through “a complex issue that has been raised”, despite the “lack of clarity”.

But Premier Anna Bligh has warned “no one is off their head in this” and that it is a “difficult issue because it relates to the future of the country”.

The ABC understands the full report will be handed over to the Government on Monday.

The key report elements relate to the adequacy of Commonwealth funding to the state in relation to the cost of providing public hospitals and services and the adequacy of state contributions to the Commonwealth.

Ms Berejiklian says the report will be “a very important document for us, for the Labor Party and all Australians”.

“I will obviously be meeting with the ministers and the Treasurer as soon as I can today because it is a very important matter for the future of our public hospitals and public services.”

But she has warned the report is “not over until the election’s over”.

“This is not the end, I’m afraid of the end of it. We have a big election coming and we’re going to have to deal with this when we’ve got the report.”

Earlier, Ms Bligh told Parliament Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had “let Ms Berejiklian down by not making it clear she had a strong spine in the negotiations”.

“If I were him,” she said, “I’d just say ‘please just look at what’s going on in the National Party now about the deal.’

“He’s let her down by not showing leadership.”

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