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Randi Weingarten Sues The Washington Post for $250 Million

Randi Weingarten Sues The Washington Post for $250 Million

Pompeo: ‘The most dangerous person in the world is Randi Weingarten’

(CNN) — Randi Weingarten, the longtime boss of The Washington Post, is suing the newspaper for her dismissal, claiming that she was fired because of her outspoken political views and support for the First Amendment.

Weingarten, founder of the influential liberal blog Daily Kos and a Democratic activist, filed her $250 million lawsuit on Tuesday, according to a copy of the filing obtained by CNN. She is seeking $15 million for emotional distress, in addition to general and punitive damages, citing violations of the First and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The firing was first reported early Tuesday by the Washington Post.

Weingarten, who has been widely criticized for her vocal support for the First Amendment on the internet, was fired by the Post, which is owned by Gannett Co., the Post report said.

“You’ve got to be crazy. There’s nothing worse than this kind of thing happening to women,” Weingarten told The Washington Post. “I’m trying to be the kinder, gentler Randi Weingarten, but I’m not sure this is possible.”

Weingarten is seeking to join several other activist women who have filed sexual-discrimination cases against Gannett, including the famous case involving Gloria Steinem.

“What is this? She’s a grown woman with a full-time job! What does that make her?” Weingarten told the Post.

Weingarten, who has written and starred in two documentary films on the internet as well as co-authored a book, said she did not speak out against her because of her liberal views.

“I’m not afraid of my views,” Weingarten said. “I’m not afraid of speaking out against corporate power.”

“But when they asked me to have lunch with them, I turned them down,” Weingarten told the Post. “They want to know exactly what my position is on the economy, on health

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