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The Brady Story: A New First Friends

The Brady Story: A New First Friends

It’s officially over: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen confirm they’ve finalized divorce. As of right now, Gisele has not yet publicly confirmed her decision to end the acrimoniously public relationship, though Brady has.

The Brady side of things was a complicated affair, beginning last summer when Gisele was arrested for using a credit card at a Target store and then later for getting behind the wheel without an ID in Florida. (Gisele Bündchen has since apologized and the charge is now downgraded to a $85 ticket.) They divorced in November. But the relationship became a public spectacle in September, when Brady released a message on his Twitter account saying he had decided to end their relationship.

So, how does this affect you?

If the two of you have been dating for a year or so, you knew this was coming. And you can expect the worst. And you deserve better. But you need to know this: If she doesn’t end the relationship, you’ll have to get a new friend. We’re not talking about a new best friend, we’re talking about a new first friend.

Let’s make this clear: A first friend is a friend you build up slowly over time. It’s not a first friend who comes along, and then you’re on a date, then you’re on vacation, and then you’re on a first date with him. It’s not a first friend who comes on the phone one day, asks you what you’d do if he had money, and then you’re on a date with him. It’s not a first friend who walks in on you while you’re naked in bed with a guy, then it’s a first date.

When it comes to dating, the relationship is like a building. If you’re just building an office building, a new wall is a new friend. It’s not a new friend who shows up, walks over to your desk, asks you to make him a drink, then you’re on a date with him. In the same way, if Gisele Bündchen is going to end the long-term relationship, then it’s a new wall that she needs to build up and you need to be the first wall. Just as it was the construction crew who first built the wall on your home, the two of you, you and her.


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