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The Miami Beach Hotel

The Miami Beach Hotel

Miami Beach Hotel That Hosted the Beatles Is Demolished

The Miami Beach Hotel on Ocean Drive is a landmark on the South Florida peninsula, and it wasn’t long ago that the hotel was the first choice for vacationers and celebrities alike. So what happened to the famous hotel and in todays article is the story of what happened to the hotel that began a legendary career in a legendary era.

The Miami Beach Hotel at 816 Ocean Drive opened its doors to Miami travelers in the 1930’s. The hotel opened as a result of the enormous amounts of money that were being donated by a group of wealthy local business leaders, along with philanthropies like Miami Beach’s own Richard Bennett, who donated $2,000. They were able to use this to build a hotel on a vacant lot on the South Pointe Street waterfront.

They constructed the hotel in the Art Deco style, and it was the first large hotel south of Chicago. The opening of the hotel was a huge success, and it was the first major resort in Miami Beach that was also a convention center.

The hotel, which was built with the money that was being donated to the city, quickly became known as a place of luxury, and it became the center of a neighborhood. The large pool that was part of the original hotel is still used on the hotel grounds, and the hotel has the distinction of being one of the many hotels that offered pool parties, music and entertainment events.

When the hotel was being built, it was constructed on the oceanfront, with the rooms having ocean views and a wide view of the ocean. During the initial construction of the hotel the hotel was still being used as a hotel for the rich and famous. Because of this hotel has always been a very important part of the Florida tourism industry.

After the initial construction of the hotel the hotel became a hotel that was for business people, and was considered a center to business in Miami Beach. Many hotel guests in the hotel were of the business type.

When the hotel opened the hotel still had to deal with the problems associated with the construction of the hotel. At this point there were still high water levels in the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel had been built on a very high hill, and this meant that the hotel had to deal with high water levels in the ocean.

The main problem that existed at this time was a lack of electricity at the hotel. The hotel also needed electricity during the night, and it was

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