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Street Views of West Hollywood

Street Views of West Hollywood

Google Street View galvanized this artist to create an emotive blueprint of South L.A. — a neighborhood she’d never seen. When she returned the next night to complete the imagery of a different neighborhood, her vision brought home the “dirt” she was seeing, and caused her to take a detour.

“I actually drove home and started walking the streets and started recording again from the beginning…. I was like ‘Oh my God, it’s all gone!'” she says.

In a few hours, she’d uploaded the new Street View images to Google+ and linked to them.

As she moved around the West Hollywood neighborhood, she saw a “lot of street art and really beautiful old buildings.”

“My heart literally stopped and I couldn’t stop crying,” she says. “It was a beautiful street art that’s never been photographed before.”

Street view images taken in West Hollywood are now available for viewing on the Google+ page for her South L.A. project:

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