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The Swimmer: A Beautiful Film

The Swimmer: A Beautiful Film

Review: ‘The Swimmer’ freestyles through erotically charged waters

‘The Swimmer’ freestyles through erotically charged waters

Tara Conlan’s film “The Swimmer” is a stunningly beautiful piece of filmmaking about love, loss and the fragile bond between a girl and her childhood friend who is diagnosed with cancer.

It’s a story that’s being told with a very particular lens and the filmmaker is no stranger to her subject matter. Conlan also helmed last year’s excellent romantic drama “Borrowing.”

“The Swimmer” is the culmination of a couple of years of writing, filming and editing before Conlan began shooting this past January.

The finished film presents itself as a poetic, dreamy, ethereal journey of love between two people that is set to make you swoon.

There’s a lot to love about Conlan’s storytelling in this film. Her eye for framing and composition is always at the forefront. The film is also masterfully shot and you can feel the sun coming in full force throughout the entire film.

Conlan tells the story through the eyes of a young girl whom we watch slowly die without her awareness. She can only grieve for the person that she holds dear even after her world has crumbled. There’s not much you can do now but sit back and wait for the right moment to tell the story.

This is a slow-burn story that’s presented with a lot of depth. You’ll realize this film will be worth watching long after you’ve finished your first viewing.

“The Swimmer” has a lot to offer. It’s a story about family, love and loss and it’s about how we can both embrace the beauty in the most brutal of situations.

If your mood is set to get swept up in a film that shows how beautiful the simple act of life, then this is the film for you. You’re going to fall in love with the young girl in “The Swimmer” as soon as you see her.

“The Swimmer” is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital

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