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The New Kenyatta

The New Kenyatta

See the chaotic scenes as Kenya elects new president

A crowd of about 250 people gathers in a rain-soaked square in the capital to cheer and chant a new Kenyatta.

I watch as a man in a black suit with a white handkerchief walks to his car.

“What happened?” asks my colleague and I, as he gets in.

“We ran out of votes,” he says, grinning.

There is excitement in the crowd.

As I watch, the new president, his wife and family walk into the middle of the crowd to be embraced by the cheers.

My colleague and I head to the back of the square where the streets are packed with Kenyans in their Sunday best. The man in the white suit is not there, but he joins us with a group of friends he has organized around him. By sheer coincidence, they are also Kenyans.

‘I had the feeling that Kenyatta was going to win’

As Kenyatta was set to become Kenya’s first-ever president, I had the feeling that he was going to win.

Kairo is a city that has become increasingly excited. But for most people, it has become a place where they feel like they are losing their country to someone they didn’t vote for.

I meet with students who are marching on their own to defend the constitution and are protesting against the current administration. The mood is not very happy. They are angry but not with the current president.

I have heard many Kenyans say that they feel angry at the current president but not with him personally, but with his party.

People are angry with the current president because he has been accused of not doing enough for minority groups such as homosexuals in the country.

For people like the students I meet, the current president has not been a good president. He is not in touch with things that they really care about.

But there are people who are very angry.

‘Kenya will be lost if we stay within the constitution’

As I go from house to house, talking to people, I realize that what they really care about is the constitution, which they say does not have enough protections for minorities.

I can see that they are really angry.

They do not see

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