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Vote Yes or No to Proposition A

Vote Yes or No to Proposition A

Karen Bass drew more votes than any mayor candidate in L.A. history. Now she’s the mayor of Los Angeles. And she’ll be on stage Sunday morning at CBS Radio’s “Sunday Morning” with Katie Couric to discuss her campaign.

In the next few days, you can still vote in the mayoral primary race. As before, you can vote in L.A.’s city-wide election for mayor. And you can also vote in the four ballot propositions.

Today, you’ll vote yes or no to Proposition A, which would increase the City Council’s salary cap to nine thousand dollars a year. And you’ll vote yes or no to Proposition B, which would raise the City Council’s pay cap to fifteen thousand dollars a year, and then again to twenty-one thousand dollars a year for future council members, assuming they serve for four years.

Both propositions have a lot of money in them, so it’s important to spread misinformation as you do so.

Proposition A says if you vote yes, you’ll get that salary increase for four years, assuming council members serve for the four years following their initial election. And a yes vote would also get the City Council’s raise, assuming they serve for the four years after their initial election.

Proposition B says if you vote yes, you’ll get a raise, and if you vote yes, you’ll get a raise forever.

But it says a little more about our system.

This city charter means “it takes a majority of all the electors” to pass City Council and Citywide Elections and two-thirds of all voters to vote propositions.

So if one out of every three people who votes wants you to pass Proposition A in order to get an increase in your salary, then you’ll get the raise.

You will not get that raise if nobody casts a ballot. You will get the raise, that’s true, if you vote yes to Proposition A and nobody votes no, or there’s a runoff election with a different outcome.

That’s not an election between two candidates. That’s an election between two propositions.

But if voters want to send an official message about the importance of the proposition, and they vote

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